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Recently I saw a tweet about the relationship between values in JavaScript saying that greater or equals means nothing. The tweet reported the following results: null >= 0 // true null > 0 // false null == 0 // false My experience with the JavaScript language makes me believe that everything has a meaning, even […]

Sometimes I’m not satisfied with the way things are. I wish they could be a little bit different, just for a moment. I deal with this desire in my personal life by sighing and gazing through a rain-dotted window. When writing code, I take a more productive approach: I use seams. During application development, there […]


Last time, we looked at how using feature branches makes life easier, and how you would create a feature branch to make a change and push it up to GitHub for review in the form of a pull request. Now that a Pull Request is live, someone has to review it. Let’s walk through some […]

When it comes to learning Git, most folks I’ve talked to (myself included) have taken the slow and gentle path toward becoming proficient by adding it incrementally to their existing development processes. We begin by just running git init on an almost finished project and adding everything with a commit message such as start. Then, […]

We’re thrilled to announce a new workshop on July 23rd, the day prior to TXJS! Austin’s very own Bocouper Kassandra Perch aka Nodebotanist will be providing a full day workshop introducing server programming with Node.js. This workshop is particularly useful for front-end developers who are looking to expand their skills to include backend or full-stack […]

There is a notion in the software industry that teams are either “doing Scrum” or not. That is true in some cases, but the majority of teams are using a hybrid of methodologies based on their experiences and situation. Some of this apparent isolation is linguistic: Scrum has its own terminology for some notions that […]

Even as unconscionable amounts of snow have bombarded the Bocoup Loft this winter, we’ve kept ourselves warm by keeping the sun in our hearts – and in our plans. Summer’s always more fun with friends, and that’s why we’re partnering with our colleagues Nicole Sullivan and Alex Sexton to bring you CSSConf US and TXJS […]

One of the best parts about working at Bocoup is the freedom we have to explore ideas and open source projects. The diverse range of experience and interest we all bring to the table means there are always interesting open conversations taking place in the office; both about the implementation of specific ideas and the […]

Software development is a lot like meeting a friend for dinner. I’m serious! Every now and then I find myself sitting at a restaurant bar at 6:58 waiting for my friend to show up for our 7 o’clock reservation. All of a sudden I get a text: “Running 5 minutes late. See you soon.” Well, […]

In the world of web design it’s more common to condemn or praise existing work than it is to talk about the actual process of creating something great. For example, over the years I’ve complained more and more about restaurant websites. I don’t just mean the ones that play background music, rely on Flash, use […]