Our Services

We deliver consulting services by the developer week, and provide long-term support through continued access to Bocoup engineers.

Technical Partnerships

For product teams seeking to increase development velocity, improve team collaboration, reduce technical debt, and decrease total cost of ownership.

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Reliability, Standards & Testing

For platform teams seeking to increase predictability, improve core engineering tools, and decrease reliance on proprietary infrastructure.

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Working with us

Consulting Projects

Our team works directly with your engineers and stakeholders to meet business and user goals. We work in teams of 2 to 4 to deliver projects, typically between 2 and 12 months in length. From kick-off to completion, Bocoup consultants are focused, communicative and thorough, shipping high-quality, maintainable software.

Discovery Engagements

For long-term projects with low definition, a discovery engagement with Bocoup uncovers gaps and hidden debt that can triple the time and cost of a project. These engagements are usually between 2 and 4 weeks long, during which we test assumptions and plan an approach by conducting interviews, researching documentation and code, and auditing infrastructure or deployment workflows. Findings are delivered in a report, roadmap, project proposal or starting backlog - whichever is most contextually relevant to your team.

Project Management Philosophy

A well-instrumented project management workflow provides clear and predictable outcomes. Our teams work in an agile fashion, partnering with you to create and maintain backlogs, estimate effort and impact, prioritize work, measure velocity and get more work done. We believe clear communication and reliability are as valuable as well executed engineering work. Our process is adaptable - we're happy to back in to your existing project management workflow, or create one with you.

Continued Access & Support

We introduced Continued Access to make the power of Bocoup engineers available to our customers in a more flexible fashion. Continued Access engagements average 1 day per week - just the right amount of time to give your team or project a boost right when and where they need it.