Our Services

Bocoup offers design, engineering, and product and organizational strategy services in pursuit of our mission.

Our project teams are comprised of product managers, technical project managers, designers, and engineers. Our individual projects are typically 3-12 months. We often work on multi-year programs comprising several full-time or part-time projects.

Product and Organizational Strategy

We help partners develop product strategy and bridge it with their broader organizational priorities. This includes working together to improve systems, processes, and governance structures that impact the product.

We do this alongside design and engineering projects, or as an independent service for partners looking to build out a new technology program.


We create inclusive user experiences and interfaces. We work closely with our partners and those most impacted by the technology to create more intuitive services, products, and experiences.

Our approach typically includes user research, co-design facilitation, accessible wireframes, usability studies, and visual design.


We develop and maintain web standards and inclusive web applications focused on accessibility, privacy, and security.

In our web standards work, we focus on inclusive and safe processes and spaces for beginners to learn and contribute, and have documented our approach in the web platform contribution guide.

In our web applications work, we adapt our stack and approach to meet the needs of the project, and customize documentation accordingly. With all projects, we test our own work and write test plans to facilitate QA with our partners in a way that aligns with their structure, capacity, and needs.


Technology is not neutral. We understand that the ways we engage with our work are as important as the products we build. As such, there are several priorities that govern our work.

Accessible and Inclusive Engagement

We are proud to be an organizational signer of the design justice principles, and are committed to producing accessible interfaces, following inclusive design practices, and building consentful tech.

Research and Co-Design

We rely heavily on the expertise and priorities of those for whom the technology we work on poses the greatest risk.

We work with our partners and community experts to identify, recruit and pay co-designers with relevant lived experience. We then create accessible, inclusive artifacts, including screen-reader accessible wireframes, consent grids for data storage, mock privacy policies and interaction models, narrative user flow descriptions, and use cases.

Throughout, we gather input through multiple channels to account for different engagement styles. We strive to provide opportunities for sign off on work product from co-designers, and credit co-designers as co-authors.

Hands-On Project Management

We believe clear communication and reliability are as valuable as well executed design and engineering work. Our project managers facilitate the process for transparently creating and maintaining backlogs, estimating effort and impact to prioritize work, measuring and reporting velocity, and managing timelines and budget.

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