We partner with organizations to design, build, and deploy technology products and experiences that empower users and customers to accomplish more. Industries and individuals depend on the open technologies and standards developed by Bocoup. Companies work with us to solve their toughest technology problems as we help their development teams become fluent with open production methods.

Screenshot of the “Surging Seas Surging Seas Risk Finder” webapp developed at Bocoup, displayed on a stylized illustration of a phone.

Web Applications

Large-scale responsive web applications require well-rounded expertise across domains. Our engineers work with yours on interdisciplinary teams to empower project owners, steward back- and front-end technology architecture, and implement solutions. We lead code organization, documentation, and testing strategies to support large and asynchronous team workflows.

A circular graph—called a “cord diagram”—showing the interconnections between a list of descriptive terms

Data Visualization

Understanding and communicating complex data is challenging. Our data analysis and visualization experts find meaning in data and design powerful visualizations to inform, engage, and create impact. Work with our team and use innovative techniques and technologies to tell data-driven stories or uncover answers in your data, regardless of its size or complexity.


Building something is only the beginning. In order to share your creation with the world, it needs to be reliably hosted and easily updatable. We use best-in-class open source tooling to design and implement bulletproof deployment processes that empower teams regardless of their familiarity with system administration.


Crafting truly amazing products for the web requires a level of mastery that can only be grown over time. Bocoup educators bring holistic platform expertise and the spirit of collaboration to give your team first-hand experience. Our workshops, customized classes, and coaching provide an in-depth understanding of modern web tools and the insight to use them creatively.

A small, spider-like homemade robot

Web Connected Devices

Using the web to interact with the physical world requires tools both software and hardware developers can use. Whether you're building an IoT product or integrating with it, Bocoup’s experience across the entire chain of device application development helps you scale quickly from prototype to production.

A series of whiteboards covered in post-it notes


Great design experiences begin with understanding the people your product impacts the most. Using human-centered design principles, we work with you to think through all the critical details for taking your idea from prototype to production. Together, we empower your users with products to satisfy their needs and their senses.