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Open Source Technology & Design Services

Partner with us and we'll make your code and team better. Together, we'll ship your most ambitious projects.

Screenshot of the “Surging Seas Surging Seas Risk Finder” webapp developed at Bocoup, displayed on a stylized illustration of a phone.

Web Applications

Large-scale responsive web applications require well-rounded expertise across domains. Our engineers work with yours on interdisciplinary teams to empower project owners, steward back- and front-end technology architecture, and implement solutions. We lead code organization, documentation, and testing strategies to support large and asynchronous team workflows.

A circular graph—called a “cord diagram”—showing the interconnections between a list of descriptive terms

Data Visualization

Understanding and communicating complex data is challenging. Our data analysis and visualization experts find meaning in data and design powerful visualizations to inform, engage, and create impact. Work with our team and use innovative techniques and technologies to tell data-driven stories or uncover answers in your data, regardless of its size or complexity.


Crafting truly amazing products for the web requires a level of mastery that can only be grown over time. Bocoup educators bring holistic platform expertise and the spirit of collaboration to give your team first-hand experience. Our workshops, customized classes, and coaching provide an in-depth understanding of modern web tools and the insight to use them creatively.

Our Services

We work across industries to bring the value of open technology production into the enterprise.

HMS LINCS Breast Cancer Browser

Harvard Medical School

Find out how we worked with the Harvard Medical School LINCS team to build a first-of-its-kind interactive visualization tool for exploring breast cancer biology and drug response.

ECMA Test262


Learn how we collaborated with the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine team to extend ECMA Test262, the official test suite for the JavaScript language, to implement tests and to build smarter tooling for managing feature compliance across an increasingly large landscape of runtimes.

Lyra – Visualization Design Environment

University of Washington Interactive Data Lab

Find out how we worked with the Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington to design, architect and help build the next version of Lyra, an interactive visualization development tool.

A mock-up of the homepage on a laptop and mobile device, side-by-side.

HBR Website Architecture

Harvard Business Review

Discover how Bocoup worked with's development team to turn an award-winning redesign of their site into a performant, stable, and responsive digital experience for a global readership across multiple devices and platforms.

Our Work and Clients

Our team creates, champions, and continually improves open technology tools used around the world and throughout the web.


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