TXJS Node Workshop

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We’re thrilled to announce a new workshop on July 23rd, the day prior to TXJS! Austin’s very own Bocouper Kassandra Perch aka Nodebotanist will be providing a full day workshop introducing server programming with Node.js.

This workshop is particularly useful for front-end developers who are looking to expand their skills to include backend or full-stack development. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a high-level familiarity with Node.js development and foundational knowledge they can build on independently.

You can buy tickets here. If you purchased Roost Austin tickets and were refunded, then attendance is free: we’ve emailed you a separate sign-up link.


  • Web Servers with Node
    • HTTP, Hapi, dynamic routing
  • Build tools
    • Gulp, JSHint, JSCS
  • Testing
    • Mocha, Chai, build integration
  • A Complete Web App
    • Tying the client and server together

Sound fun? Sign up here!

Questions about the curriculum or schedule? Drop us a line at roost@bocoup.com.


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