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Recent communication apps, like Slack, have lowered the barrier of entry for the use of bots to increase productivity. There are many techniques that I, personally, have tried in the past for time management, but none that I ever ended up fully adopting. Despite that, I always have been fascinated with what my colleagues were […]

We’ve been very lucky this last month to join the excellent journalists and editors at GlobalPost on their journey to document the conflict in the Middle East. Several months ago, GlobalPost reached out to us for help with several new long narratives they had in the works. The first narrative, which focuses on the state […]

Our Data Visualization team recently launched a new project called Stereotropes, an interactive experiment exploring the relationships between gender and the words used to describe common tropes found in film and TV. In this post, we wanted to share some of the design process that went into turning the raw trope data into an interactive […]

In the previous article, I walked through inventory, preparation, calibration and assembly of the SumoBot Kit that was provided to all attendees of this year’s RobotsConf. In this article, I’m going introduce a simple program to for controlling the assembled SumoBot with a Spark Core. This entire article will assume that you have already read […]

This post talks about the development of RapBot, my freestyle 80s battle rap generator. You might want to see it in action before reading on, and you can check out the source code here. For the past year I’ve been using the Wordnik API in my projects to generate random words. I’ve made extensive use […]

Today is Tuesday, May 15th 2012. Just over a year ago, I discovered node-serialport by Chris Williams and went immediately to the closest Microcenter and purchased the Getting Started with Arduino kit. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested […]

Bocoup loves HTML5 games, so Darius Kazemi and I have been running a training called Intro to HTML5 Game Development. We cover lots of fun stuff, including canvas animation and audio. When designing the training, we wanted trainees to make a simple game using a JavaScript physics engine. Box2dWeb came up as a good one […]

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