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Designing in a vacuum is challenging. It’s more than challenging – it’s hard, painful, sad, depressing, defeating, pointless, infuriating, lonely – you get my point? It can potentially be debilitating for a creative to be working in a silo, which from time to time could happen on a project. To address this, we are experimenting […]

Recent communication apps, like Slack, have lowered the barrier of entry for the use of bots to increase productivity. There are many techniques that I, personally, have tried in the past for time management, but none that I ever ended up fully adopting. Despite that, I always have been fascinated with what my colleagues were […]

Software developers never want to do hourly time tracking. I’ve seen team leads who fill out the time tracking for their whole team to spare them the trouble. I’ve seen developers agonize over what to write down: they feel like they’re estimating even when it should be a simple matter of hours. Why is it […]