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I’m honored to have been named lead maintainer of JSHint. Following in Anton‘s footsteps, I’m excited to carry on his vision for the project and see it forward. In addition to overseeing regular maintenance of the project, my primary goal will be to prepare JSHint for ES6. Stewarding this work will be an exciting challenge, […]

CSS is awful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, new languages that compile to CSS like Stylus, Less, and Sass have made it much less painful to lay out and style web projects. However, these projects are limited: they provide delicious, delicious sugar, but ultimately they are using the same core […]

For the CSS overflow property, should auto or hidden be the default instead of visible? If you write a lot of CSS, there is a good chance your immediate response would be “no way!” But hear me out! There are several awesome benefits to one of these being the default, and in my opinion, many […]

One of the best parts about working at Bocoup is the freedom we have to explore ideas and open source projects. The diverse range of experience and interest we all bring to the table means there are always interesting open conversations taking place in the office; both about the implementation of specific ideas and the […]

One of my favorite things about programming in node is the package management system. In almost all instances, the practice of locally installing modules for each project has simplified my life as a developer. However, as a long time contributor to Grunt, I have become intimately familiar with one edge case where this practice breaks […]

Imagine you are working in your shell, you could be in any directory anywhere, but you want to go to ~/Projects/MyProject. You’re probably used to typing something like this: cd¬†~/Proj[tab]/MyPro[tab] Wouldn’t it be nice if you could end up in the exact folder you want with just: cd¬†MyProject The CDPATH environment variable Much like the […]

HTML5 is ready for mobile Open Web games. Flash is absent or disappearing on mobile devices. Meanwhile, in the US and the UK, 20% of Internet users are mobile-only, and in some markets more than half of Internet users are mobile-only. It is widely held that the next two billion people coming online in the […]

Here at Bocoup I’ve been building a lot of multiplayer HTML5 games using Node.js and This stack has been working great for us! We’ve used in our work with Game Show Network, PBS and MIT, and we build all kinds of stuff on Node. My experience on these projects has led me to […]

Introduction Node.js, a server platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine, is changing the face of web development. While Node.js itself is fast and scalable, the open source community surrounding Node.js is constantly discovering new ways to make application development more productive. This article will show how Node.js network code can be easier to write automated […]

Why would Bocoup, a company whose charge is to “move the open web forward,” be publishing an article on something so nefarious-sounding as “information hiding”? An article titled “Free Love & Information in JavaScript” would seem much more apt for this blog. Trust me: if information hiding were an inherently immoral practice, I wouldn’t know […]