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The following is a transcript of a talk given at various events throughout 2016, including Smashing Conf NYC, and An Event Apart Chicago. I’d like to begin with an exercise in relaxation. As many of you know, I am the picture of mellowness—ol’ Namasté Marquis, they call me. So, close your laptops. Close ’em. No […]

Our last article about BoxArt showed how to use BoxArt’s Animated component to animate a tile-dropping game built in React. This time, we are going to look at some features of how Animated optimizes animations for performance. The Beastliness of Layout Thrash There’s a performance nightmare constantly threatening when you’re animating in the browser. As […]

The following is a transcript of a talk given at various events throughout 2015, including Bocoup’s own TXJS and Boston JS. Transcript My name is Mat Marquis, of Marquis Home Renovation. I don’t care about websites. I’m a carpenter. That, you’ll notice, is why my slide deck looks like the side of the most badass […]

They tried to cover this up. In designing ECMAScript 2015 (a.k.a. ES6, a.k.a. ES2015), the authors identified a number of undesirable side effects of their work. “Why worry?” they asked. “People will be so smitten with arrow functions and block-scope bindings that they won’t care about a few measly backwards-breaking changes.” Well I care, and […]


We build a lot of software at Bocoup. Like other types of builders, we tend to grow attached to the particular sets of tools and scripts we use in our work. We don’t play favorites: my colleagues support Grunt, contribute to Gulp, and maintain stand-alone tools such as JSHint. It’s easy to take familiarity with […]

Look, I like good typography as much as the next person—maybe even a little more. When a CSS property came along with promises to doctor all my type with ligatures and carefully calculated kerning—not some half-assed tracking, but real kerning—I jumped at it. I put text-rendering: optimizeLegibility on headings, body copy, navigation links; I slapped […]

August 14, 2015. Mark your calendars. That’s my next birthday. Another important date is June 18, 2015–it’s when the ECMA General Assembly will vote on and approve the 6th edition of Ecma-262 and usher in the next era of JavaScript. On that day, all those new language features we’ve been coveting/dreading will officially enter our […]


Selenium is an indispensable tool for developing web applications. It allows developers to write test scripts that control real browsers and ensure their applications behave in the way that users expect. Tests like these make software development much more pleasant–developers can have much greater certainty that their application is functioning correctly even after large refactoring […]


I’ve always been a huge proponent of building sites that work everywhere — any user, any browser, any device, any context. Websites work everywhere by default, and they stay that way so long as we know how not to break them. That’s what the Open Web means to me: ensuring that entire populations just setting […]

Update: This proposal now has two open bugs for implementation, on V8 and SpiderMonkey. In this article, I’ll explore the process of adding syntax to a programming language by going through the process of designing a new JavaScript exponentiation operator, which I’ve submitted to TC39 for consideration in ES7. In many programming languages, […]