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Software development is a costly process. Requirements need to be gathered, decisions need to be made, and resources need to be scheduled to write the software. All of these steps require an investment of time and money to get a feature to the point where it starts bringing value to a business. After the feature […]

Do you know a bit of R and have some data you need to visualize quickly? In this blog post we take a look at Rstudio’s Shiny package and the first steps toward creating a working interactive to explore your data with it. What is Shiny? Shiny is a framework to develop web-based frontends for […]


At Bocoup, we believe scholarships are an actionable way to promote a more diverse tech community and to provide direct support for under-represented groups to participate in tech events. We began offering Diversity Scholarships this year to the events we organize such as OpenVisConf, CSSConf and TXJS. With this in mind, we went beyond North […]

There is a notion in the software industry that teams are either “doing Scrum” or not. That is true in some cases, but the majority of teams are using a hybrid of methodologies based on their experiences and situation. Some of this apparent isolation is linguistic: Scrum has its own terminology for some notions that […]

At Bocoup, we love working on the latest problems in front-end development such as parallel processing, best practices in web application development, and media-rich experiences. This is why we consider the folks at HookFlash kindred spirits; they have made browser-based peer-to-peer communication their “thing”. We recently had the privilege of working with the HookFlash team, […]


Paul Irish recently gave a talk at Bocoup with a dire warning: “The Mobile Web is in Trouble.” The general theme of the talk, somewhat apparent from the title, revolved around developers moving to native apps for performance, capabilities and discoverability. Near the end of the talk he offered a challenge–developers working on the Open […]

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