Past Work

a an illustrated white leaf is superimposed over a seedling and yellow rain boots. in the corner is the Canadian flag and the word

Co-Designing Better Web Maps

A Roadmap for HTML Maps | Natural Resources Canada

Leveraging our experience with standardizing web platform features, we provided review and recommendations for the existing proposals from the Maps for HTML Community Group and created a roadmap for the path forward.

a person in purple and a person in red stand in front of computer screens in the center a person in blue sits in a wheelchair. people are talking with their hands

Helping browsers to maintain consistent behavior when working with plaintext

Specify contenteditable=plaintext-only | Google

In 2020 and 2021 we helped the Google Rendering team with specification tests for several things, including improving the interoperability of the “plaintext-only” value.

image of different screen attributes in Blue and dark green, with cursors hovering. circles and squares and slashes dot the permiter

Working on lazy-loading video element poster attribute

Improving lazy-loading | Google

We continued to expand our work with lazy-loading in an effort to improve interoperability in browser engines and address pain points for web developers.

a man kneels while lifting a block and a woman adds a triangle to a structure, the stacked blocks read

Researching Users and Designing for Activists

Planet 4 | Greenpeace

International environmental group Greenpeace approached us to create Planet 4 – a site where folks could build websites and digital engagement platforms using Wordpress specifically centering green movements and campaigns.

chart of web platform tests

Tests, developer tools, and public test-running infrastructure for the worlds biggest piece of software.

Web Platform Tests | W3C

We're working with rendering teams from each major browser, primarily funded by Google and Mozilla, to increase web platform test coverage, spec author experience, implementer experience, and overall platform compatibility.

Woman rising a sign that reads En la unión está la fuerza (Strentgh is within unity)

Eviction defense software for tenants in LA

Eviction Defense | Debt Collective

We partnered with the Debt Collective, Los Angeles Tenants Union, and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project on an eviction defense software for tenants in Los Angeles.

Screenshot of MDN documentation for appearance property.

Rationalizing the spec for the CSS appearance property to help ship an unprefixed version.

Unprefixing appearance to ship web-compatible styling of form elements | Google, Mozilla

We reviewed and updated the spec for the CSS appearance property, helped browsers ship appearance unprefixed without breaking compatibility, and made it easier to style HTML widget elements across browsers.

Screenshot of the homepage of the ARIA-AT app

Building an app to manage manual testing of browsers and assistive technologies rendering ARIA accessibility features.

Test Management App for ARIA-AT | Facebook

We designed and built an app that manages manual test runs of web browsers and assistive technologies to help scale WPT-inspired interoperability tests for ARIA accessibility features.

Screenshot of that displays results for “cross origin opener policy“

Adding new WPT tests for Fetch Metadata, COEP, and COOP to improve browser security guarantees.

Testing New HTTP Headers for Better Browser Security Guarantees | Google

We added new web-platform-tests tests for Fetch Metadata request headers and COEP/COOP response headers that improve browser security guarantees for users and web developers.

Screenshot of the Aria-AT Test Runner Prototype home page.

Developing a manual test suite for screen reader interoperability on the web.

Screen Reader Interoperability Test Suite Design | Facebook

We worked with the ARIA and Assistive Technology (ARIA-AT) Community Group to develop a assertion model and testing workflow for testing AT interop and implement a prototype runner.

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