Past Work

Screenshot of MDN documentation for appearance property.

Rationalizing the spec for the CSS appearance property to help ship an unprefixed version.

Unprefixing appearance to ship web-compatible styling of form elements | Google, Mozilla

We reviewed and updated the spec for the CSS appearance property, helped browsers ship appearance unprefixed without breaking compatibility, and made it easier to style HTML widget elements across browsers.

Screenshot of the homepage of the ARIA-AT app

Building an app to manage manual testing of browsers and assistive technologies rendering ARIA accessibility features.

Test Management App for ARIA-AT | Facebook

We designed and built an app that manages manual test runs of web browsers and assistive technologies to help scale WPT-inspired interoperability tests for ARIA accessibility features.

Screenshot of that displays results for “cross origin opener policy“

Adding new WPT tests for Fetch Metadata, COEP, and COOP to improve browser security guarantees.

Testing New HTTP Headers for Better Browser Security Guarantees | Google

We added new web-platform-tests tests for Fetch Metadata request headers and COEP/COOP response headers that improve browser security guarantees for users and web developers.

Screenshot of the Aria-AT Test Runner Prototype home page.

Developing a manual test suite for screen reader interoperability on the web.

Screen Reader Interoperability Test Suite Design | Facebook

We worked with the ARIA and Assistive Technology (ARIA-AT) Community Group to develop a assertion model and testing workflow for testing AT interop and implement a prototype runner.

Scratch logo and mascot

Improving virtual machine performance for Scratch, the visual programming language.

Improving Scratch 3 Performance | MIT

We worked with the Life Long Kindergarten group at MIT to improve low power device performance for the next version of scratch.

Screenshot of Example of Tabs with Automatic Activation

Writing a regression test suite for the accessible interaction design pattern examples in the ARIA Authoring Practice Guidelines (APG).

Ensuring Correctness of W3C Accessibility Examples | Facebook

Facebook funded Bocoup to write comprehensive regression tests for the examples in the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Authoring Practice Guidelines (APG).

Screenshot of WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices home page

Contributing to the ARIA Authoring Practices Guide (APG) for authoring accessible web pages.

Maintaining ARIA Authoring Practices | Facebook

We are actively maintaining the APG, adding new guidelines for new features in the ARIA specification, reviewing contributions from the community, and maintaining CI and testing for the APG examples.

Kids playing gamebender

Embedding Scratch in an Arm-based single board computer using Electron, React and Scratch 3.0.

Gamebender | Joylabz

We spent 2.5 years in production with the team at Joylabz leading up to the Kickstarter product launch in May 2019. We developed the architecture, deployment pipeline and lead the engineering implementation for this embedded web browser based Scratch 3.0 video game console. Now that the Kickstarter has launched, we are working on the manufacturing pipeline and some exciting yet-to-be-announced add-ons for the product!

Icons representing Sensor API

Creating a set of web APIs for interacting with the physical world.

Generic Sensor API For The Web Platform | Bocoup

A device programming model for the Web Platform that establishes a generic sensor class for all sensors to inherit from.

A screenshot of the Vernier GDX Force Scratch Extension in the Scratch Editor

Extending Scratch 3.0, the visual programming language, to use sensor data from educational science hardware.

Scratch 3.0 Official Extension for Vernier’s Go Direct Sensors | Vernier

Bocoup worked with Vernier, the science classroom sensor technology company, and Lifelong Kindergarten (“LLK”), the research group at MIT behind Scratch, to write an official Scratch 3.0 extension for Venier’s Bluetooth Low Energy physics sensors.

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