Planet 4


Researching Users and Designing for Activists


International environmental group Greenpeace approached us to create Planet 4 – a site where folks could build websites and digital engagement platforms using Wordpress specifically centering green movements and campaigns. The key part of our design process was envisioning the different types of users that would engage with Planet 4. We distilled the different users into archetypes and then used those archetypes to steer our user-centered design. The archetypes helped us generate scenarios, evaluate proposed features, and consider the actions and needs for audiences new to Greenpeace and seasoned environmental activists alike.


We were able to create these archetypes through audience research – and used this audience research to help prioritize design goals. We then took our findings to Greenpeace and had them prioritize audience and design goals and created the Planet 4 page you see today.


Planet 4 has been going strong for over five years now. It powers 48 Greenpeace websites, in 35 different languages, across 5 continents. At a time when climate catastrophe is unignorable, providing platforms and tools to connect activists and spread information is more important than ever.

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