Web Platform Tests


Tests, developer tools, and public test-running infrastructure for the worlds biggest piece of software.

After our major work on Test-262, several browser implementors approached us to start applying a similar focus and rigor to the test suite for the web.


Testing the web is a long and ongoing process. Our roadmap takes us through 2021, and our customers are making significant investments to make this possible.

The web has possibly the largest API surface area, and it's growing... fast. In order to ensure the long term reliability and compatibility of the web, we needed to start shifting the mentality of implementers and spec writers to looking at the web as a single product consisting of specifications, implementations, and tests.


We are working with numerous stakeholders on browser implementation teams, with specification writers at the W3C and WhatWG, and with release managers audit flakey tests, write new tests, and build new tools for auto-running tests on each browser.

This is an ongoing project, and so if you've got web testing priorities, or you're interested in investing in the future reliability of the web in some other way, please do get in touch below.


When we complete this transition, we'll be ensuring the long term future conformance of the web, and it will have become easier for companies to join the platform and make new browsers.

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