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Amerigo Vespucci once called the Americas the “New World”, as they weren’t known to our ancestors. That’s the same impression I’ve had of the forthcoming ES2015 (ECMA-262, 6th Ed.) specification and the newly evolved landscape that it creates. There are a lot of things to come and they’ll remain only examples until we really use […]

Américo Vespúcio uma vez chamou a América de “Novo Mundo” quando ela ainda não era conhecida pelos nossos ancestrais. Essa é a mesma impressão que tive com a especificação do ES2015 (ECMA-262, 6th Ed.) e o novo panorama que ela traz. Tem várias coisas por vir e elas vão se manter apenas como exemplos até […]

The RICG’s work is starting to wind down, but we’re just getting started at the same time. We’re a weird sort of web standards organization. We’re nebulous by design: a rallying point for anyone that wants to get involved in the kinds of new standards that most impact their daily work. We aim to prevent […]

I’ve always been a huge proponent of building sites that work everywhere — any user, any browser, any device, any context. Websites work everywhere by default, and they stay that way so long as we know how not to break them. That’s what the Open Web means to me: ensuring that entire populations just setting […]

I’m honored to have been named lead maintainer of JSHint. Following in Anton‘s footsteps, I’m excited to carry on his vision for the project and see it forward. In addition to overseeing regular maintenance of the project, my primary goal will be to prepare JSHint for ES6. Stewarding this work will be an exciting challenge, […]

It’s been about eight months since we announced d3.chart, and today we’re excited to release a new version of the framework for creating reusable visualizations. We’ve strived to incorporate as many of the lessons we learned in the eight months since the initial release. For detailed explanations of these changes, see our migration guide and […]


One of my favorite things about programming in node is the package management system. In almost all instances, the practice of locally installing modules for each project has simplified my life as a developer. However, as a long time contributor to Grunt, I have become intimately familiar with one edge case where this practice breaks […]

A Framework for Creating Reusable Charts with d3.js We’ve been working more and more with d3.js here at Bocoup with clients and as part of the Miso Project. As much as we love the library and are grateful that it exists, we’ve also run head-on into architectural issues with some of the patterns commonly used […]

The D3.js JavaScript library frequently comes up across our adventures in data visualization. Those who read the tutorials or spend time on the mailing list will likely notice frequent use of the term “reusable” when it comes to creating visualizations with the library. There’s a lot of meaning packed into that word, so we wanted […]


At Bocoup, we love working on the latest problems in front-end development such as parallel processing, best practices in web application development, and media-rich experiences. This is why we consider the folks at HookFlash kindred spirits; they have made browser-based peer-to-peer communication their “thing”. We recently had the privilege of working with the HookFlash team, […]