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In between client work and working with my design colleagues on an internal project, I’ve been busy creating a Bocoup style guide. One of the fantastic things about Bocoup is that we make a lot of the tools we use to track our work, schedules, and skills—but we didn’t have an easy way for anyone […]

The first thing I built on a computer wasn’t all that different from the last thing I built on one. That first computer was a Macintosh Classic II. It was one of those beige boxes with the handle on the top, a black and white screen that was—what—maybe twice the size of an iPhone 6 […]


The following is a transcript of a talk given at various events throughout 2015, including Bocoup’s own TXJS and Boston JS. Transcript My name is Mat Marquis, of Marquis Home Renovation. I don’t care about websites. I’m a carpenter. That, you’ll notice, is why my slide deck looks like the side of the most badass […]

I’ve always been a huge proponent of building sites that work everywhere — any user, any browser, any device, any context. Websites work everywhere by default, and they stay that way so long as we know how not to break them. That’s what the Open Web means to me: ensuring that entire populations just setting […]