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We partnered with the jQuery Foundation to provide Roost, a two-day pre-conference training intensive for attendees of the jQuery Conference. After the event, developers were able to start the conference with new hands-on skills and conceptual knowledge as a foundation for creating more value from the conference experience.


Web development conferences are great for networking, but are not always great for learning. Content often ranges from too introductory to too advanced. This can lead to a more challenging experience for developers who aren't quite as far along in their careers.

For their 2014 event in Chicago, the jQuery Foundation wanted to extend the conference experience by providing a pre-conference educational opportunity followed by the broader conference for a full week of focused learning .


To combine the positive networking experiences of a conference environment with accessible learning opportunities, we brought Roost to Chicago for the two days preceding the jQuery Conference. Taught by an engaging roster of instructors with deep experience building on the open web, Roost presented its attendees with a comprehensive narrative about how to apply core programming principles to building production-quality software.


Over 275 folks from Chicago (and beyond) spent two days using unit testing and widely-used open source tools such as Backbone.js, JS modules, Grunt, and Stylus to build their own Roostagram app at what was the largest Roost to date. Attendees left the training better equipped with new skills they could apply to their work immediately and to further their own learning through side projects. 

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