JavaScript Best Practices with B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video

Teaching Backbone and Node

B&H Photo Video wanted to make the most of Backbone.js and Node.js in their application stack. Bocoup worked with the B&H engineering team to develop and design a customized curriculum on JS best practices and patterns to help the B&H team reach a strong foundation for innovating on their streamlined online retail experience.


Even for experienced developers and dev teams, building and maintaining large-scale web applications with an eye toward innovation can be hard. As the premier online retailer of photo and video equipment, B&H Photo Video is always looking to find new ways to expedite getting products into their customers' hands. As the development team integrated Node & BackboneJS into their application stack, they needed high-quality, comprehensive instruction for their 13-person engineering team of diverse skill-sets, experiences, and goals for developing front- and back-end JavaScript skills.


Bocoup sat down with the B&H Photo Video team to get a comprehensive understanding of their needs and goals. Our instructors designed a custom curriculum based on the class JavaScript Best Practices & Patterns. The customized curriculum and instruction began with a code audit and walked the team step-by-step through best practice approaches to JS code organization, performance, and maintainability in order to better plan and build large-scale web applications. Through Bocoup's experiential approach to teaching and learning, B&H team members came away with a deeper understanding of constructors and prototypes, authoring modular and testable code, single purpose functions, as well as tools for checking syntax, running build tasks, and analyzing code test coverage.


With a newly reinforced shared vocabulary, B&H Photo Video was able to level up the entire developer team's JS skills to establish a stronger foundation for delivering best-in-class service to their customers with the new Backbone.js and Node.js frameworks. The team improved their confidence and ability to work together, and the engineers owned their learning experience through the hands-on, interactive training provided by Bocoup instructors. The team learned the technical skills and concepts to apply templating and unit tests to their work to ensure continued success for their innovative approach for matching customers with the best products.

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