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Assisting Family Planning Clinic Managers to Track and Drive Service Improvements with a Clinic Efficiency Dashboard

Bocoup worked with JSI to design and build a WordPress-powered application to empower family planning clinic managers to transform their quality improvement (QI) metrics into insights and actionable data. In collaboration, we digitized an extensive spreadsheets and paper-based process to provide clinic managers with a tool for visualizing and tracking key clinic efficiency metrics. The resulting web application enables clinics to improve efficiency while providing more informed, higher quality service for their patients.


The mission of the nonprofit public health management consulting and research organization JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) is to promote and improve health in the US and around the globe. With funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs, JSI supports family planning clinics to achieve their quality improvement goals. As one of its training and technical assistance activities, JSI is helping clinic managers to measure and improve clinic efficiency across three domains: patient experience, clinic flow, and productivity.

In the frequently busy setting of a family planning clinic, collecting and monitoring clinic efficiency data can take up a lot of administrative time. To provide a new process that would lead to increased clinic efficiency, higher quality of care, and greater impact, JSI wanted to digitize the data collection and visualization workflow to provide an easier and more manageable way for managers to see data meaningfully to drive clinic efficiency improvements.


Bocoup worked with the JSI team to design and implement a web application and visualization tools clinic managers would be able to access and use on a day-to-day basis to track clinic service performance. Our work covered research, information design and prototyping, development, and knowledge transfer in collaboration with the team of JSI consultants, clinic staff, and developers.

In the design phase of the project, we conducted research to uncover the JSI team’s design challenges. We interviewed clinic staff and developed user personas and mapped user journeys using a collaborative process to ensure that our product would best serve the needs of clinic staff. We researched and prototyped various visualization approaches to ensure that the displays of information we created were actionable and meaningful to the clinic managers. This work included designing and implementing user interaction models, including data entry methods for both desktop and mobile users. To support the clinics’ practices around in-person interaction and conversation around their data, we built-in support for printing out reports.

In our application development process, we built on the user stories generated by the JSI team. We delivered stable, well-documented code to ensure smooth knowledge transfer with the JSI developer team. This maintainable code-base also makes it possible for the JSI developer team to detect and fix bugs easily and to modify the app as the needs of clinic managers evolve.


As a result of our collaboration with JSI, family planning clinic managers are better equipped to drive performance and service improvements for clinic visitors. The web application, a clinic efficiency dashboard, makes it easier and more enjoyable for clinic managers to collect and visualize data on patients’ experiences from the moment they book an appointment to the end of their visit. Clinic managers are able to collect data to visualize the number of patients that come through the clinic and how patients spend their time on different tasks during visits. Moreover, clinic managers can use the application to pinpoint where in their practice they have room for improvement and act on the insight more quickly without the challenges associated with the previous spreadsheets and paperwork-based process.

With the new tool, the JSI team is now better able to monitor their own work in supporting the mission of family planning clinics and their work in planning and tracking quality improvement efforts to increase productivity while maintaining a high quality of care.

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