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Building tangible interactive classroom activities to support economics education

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We worked with the Council for Economic Education to build interactive classroom activities around economic concepts. These enhanced activities are designed to allow teachers to make better use of instructional time, help students to explore cause-and-effect relationships between variables, and increase collaboration and active learning in the classroom.


The Council for Economic Education (CEE) has created digital enhancements to many of the activities in their recent publications including High School Economics and the upcoming Math in the Real World collection. The Council needed help turning these activities into engaging interactive learning experiences for the web using real-time game code. While maintaining the code base in the years following the initial deployment, the Council also sought assistance in diagnosing and solving bugs in the code.


Bocoup worked with the Council for Economic Education team to translate some of their designs into interactive activities students and teachers could explore on the web. We built a reusable infrastructure upon which these activities could be built and extended to speed up substantially the development of interactive learning materials for the CEE team. We coached stakeholders who had limited technical expertise on modern, repeatable deployment techniques and diagnosed the root causes of inconsistent bugs hindering gameplay. In addition, we advised the team on basic UI improvements such as adding flash messages for errors and taught the team about improving the user experience through a stronger understanding of real-time games.


Through our collaboration, the Council for Economic Education launched enhanced activities designed to allow teachers to make better use of instructional time. The interactive games help students explore cause-and-effect relationships between economic variables while increase collaboration and active learning.

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