PollenJS: Javascript Web Workers Library

As a follow up to my previous post regarding Javascript Web Workers, I’m pleased to announce the release of PollenJS, the first worker-specific javascript library: PollenJS on github

PollenJS offers the following:

Utility Methods

  • fn
  • trim
  • each
  • to_array
  • in_array
  • clone
  • last
  • unique
  • merge
  • filter
  • map
  • keys
  • values
  • isArr
  • isFn
  • isStr
  • isNum
  • isUndef
  • isNull
  • extend

JSON Methods

  • stringify
  • parse
  • decode
  • encode

AJAX Methods

  • getJSON
  • get
  • post

Most of these might look familiar. A lot of the naming conventions were adopted from popular libraries to make learning/using PollenJS as easy as possible.

Proper documentation to follow.


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