JavaScript: indexedDB in Chromium 8.0.552.5 dev!

UPDATE!!! This morning (2010-10-22) Chromium dev channel updated to Chromium 8.0.552.11 dev and the indexedDB implementation has been renamed to webkitIndexedDB.

I must admit – sometimes browser updates are like Christmas. Like today. I updated Chrome and as usual I went through the motions of inspecting the window (DOMWindow) object in the console looking for new goodies. I was definitely not let down. Right there between HashChangeEvent and Image: The IDB* API. Further down I found the key to them all: indexedDB. So far this is what I’ve come up with as a means to test out the implementation. I plan to add more to the gist as time permits.


<!doctype html>
    <title>webkitIndexedDB API</title>
    <script src="webkit-idb.js"></script>
    <input type="button" id="button" value="message" />


// *UPDATED* Now used webkit prefixed API. see gist for history to access non-prefixed code
(function() {

var global = this,
    dbOpen, db, index, result;

dbOpen = "testDB", "This is my temporary indexedDB" );

console.log( "dbOpen", dbOpen );

IDBRequest {
  errorCode: 0
  onerror: null
  onsuccess: null
  readyState: 2
  result: IDBDatabase
  source: IDBFactory
  transaction: null
  webkitErrorMessage: undefined
dbOpen.addEventListener( "success", function( event ) {
  //  webkitIDBSuccessEvent
  console.log( "event", event );

  //  webkitIDBDatabase
  console.log( "open:", );

  // Alias webkitIDBDatabase
  var db =,
      vdb = db.setVersion( btoa("ohhai!") );

  vdb.addEventListener( "success", function( event ) {

    var prop, store;

    console.log( "set version:", );
    console.log( "db.version", db.version );

    //  objectStores [methods: contains, item]
    console.log( "db", db );

    // DOMStringList
    console.log( "db.objectStoreNames", db.objectStoreNames );

    if ( !db.objectStoreNames.length ) {
      store = db.createObjectStore( "cooler", {} );
      index = store.createIndex( "anIndex", "foo", true );

      console.log( "store", store ); // null ?
      console.log( "store.indexNames.contains('anIndex')", store.indexNames.contains("anIndex") );

    console.log( db.objectStoreNames.item(0) );
    // "cooler"
  }, false);
}, false);

// Constants
// Noted as they appeared in 2010

// These are no longer defined
// console.log(webkitIDBKeyRange.SINGLE, 0);
// console.log(webkitIDBKeyRange.LEFT_OPEN, 1);
// console.log(webkitIDBKeyRange.RIGHT_OPEN, 2);
// console.log(webkitIDBKeyRange.LEFT_BOUND, 4);
// console.log(webkitIDBKeyRange.RIGHT_BOUND, 8);

// These do not match 2010v2012
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.UNKNOWN_ERR, 0);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.NON_TRANSIENT_ERR, 1);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.NOT_FOUND_ERR, 2);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.CONSTRAINT_ERR, 3);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.DATA_ERR, 4);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.NOT_ALLOWED_ERR, 5);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.SERIAL_ERR, 11);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.RECOVERABLE_ERR, 21);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.TRANSIENT_ERR, 31);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.TIMEOUT_ERR, 32);
console.log(webkitIDBDatabaseException.DEADLOCK_ERR, 33);

// These match 2010v2012
console.log(webkitIDBRequest.LOADING, 1);
console.log(webkitIDBRequest.DONE, 2);

// These match 2010v2012
console.log(webkitIDBCursor.NEXT, 0);
console.log(webkitIDBCursor.NEXT_NO_DUPLICATE, 1);
console.log(webkitIDBCursor.PREV, 2);
console.log(webkitIDBCursor.PREV_NO_DUPLICATE, 3);

// These do not match 2010v2012
console.log(webkitIDBTransaction.READ_WRITE, 0);
console.log(webkitIDBTransaction.READ_ONLY, 1);

// This is no longer defined
console.log(webkitIDBTransaction.SNAPSHOT_READ, 2);

// This took the place of the previous constant
console.log(webkitIDBTransaction.VERSION_CHANGE, 3);



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  1. My browser updates will now be curiousor. As per my usual role of \”newbie\”: What does this mean? Are we now supposed to build for this API without restraint? Found an article here about it:

    BTW —- excellent to hang out with you guys; was expecting more bullets to be flying, though.

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