Introducing Gaia

I’m excited to share that our technical partnerships team has developed a deeper focus on graphics and interactive application programming, a focus area which we are affectionately calling Gaia. As of today, Technical Partnerships is now Graphics and Interactive Applications (Gaia for short).

In many ways this is a reflection of what this team has been focused on over the years with projects in video game engineering, educational media, web video, web audio and etc. This year, we began an exciting collaboration with the Scratch team at MIT, and several other projects orbiting around the Scratch ecosystem, and we fell in <3 with the combination of good will, inclusive technology development practices, creative energy and complex computer problems in this space. So we’re staying. I think this tweet really sums why it was an easy call to make:

You can already read about the Scratch 3 Performance and Scratch 3 Motion Detection/Sound Control projects that we worked on over the last year with the Scratch team. Keep an eye out on @bocoup in the coming weeks for some exciting new Scratch-based products that we’ve been working on.

If the kind of work that Corey and Z are doing in this area interests you, they are hiring for this team. We encourage you to apply, and to tell your colleagues. They are looking for folks with backgrounds in this area, or folks with a passion for it who are seeking mentorship.


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