Graphics & Interactive Applications

Our Graphics & Interactive Applications team (GAIA) works on media-based web applications, like Scratch, implementing resource intensive web platform features and improving accessibility, security and performance on resource constrained devices. We apply our experience working on web standards to evaluate the adoptability of new web features, and apply our experience implementing these features back to our work on web standards.


Our Past Graphics & Interactive Applications Work

Scratch logo and mascot a smiling orange cat

Improving virtual machine performance for Scratch, the visual programming language.

Improving Scratch 3 Performance | MIT

We worked with the Life Long Kindergarten group at MIT to improve low power device performance for the next version of scratch.

Kids playing gamebender

Embedding Scratch in an Arm-based single board computer using Electron, React and Scratch 3.0.

Gamebender | Joylabz

We spent 2.5 years in production with the team at Joylabz leading up to the Kickstarter product launch in May 2019. We developed the architecture, deployment pipeline and lead the engineering implementation for this embedded web browser based Scratch 3.0 video game console. Now that the Kickstarter has launched, we are working on the manufacturing pipeline and some exciting yet-to-be-announced add-ons for the product!

A screenshot of the Vernier GDX Force Scratch Extension in the Scratch Editor

Extending Scratch 3.0, the visual programming language, to use sensor data from educational science hardware.

Scratch 3.0 Official Extension for Vernier’s Go Direct Sensors | Vernier

Bocoup worked with Vernier, the science classroom sensor technology company, and Lifelong Kindergarten (“LLK”), the research group at MIT behind Scratch, to write an official Scratch 3.0 extension for Venier’s Bluetooth Low Energy physics sensors.

A person demoing the implementation of video sensing to JavaScript

Writing a web based augmented reality and sound control system for Scratch 3.

Scratch 3 Motion Detection and Sound Control | MIT

The Scratch team brought us on to implement the "video motion" and "sound control" extensions for the the forthcoming release of Scratch 3, a ground up rewrite of the Scratch virtual machine and Editor in Node.js and React.

Riot logo

Developing and Implementing a new desktop client for Riot.

Embedded Browser Software | Riot Games

We worked with Riot to develop an embedded web application architecture and workflow design, and stayed on to implement the MVP.

A stylized illustration of a fox with its tail wrapped around a mobile device

Building a first-class OS for the Open Web

Firefox OS | Mozilla

Bocoup engineers worked with Mozilla to stabilize Gaia, the web technology-driven UI of FirefoxOS, and created a contributor on-boarding process and suite of applications to drive the capabilities of this mobile Open Web operating system.

Web audio wrapper API control panel

Collaborated with the ChromeOS team to build a Web Audio API testing tool.

Web Audio Testing Tool | Google

The Chrome team engaged Bocoup to build a web application to exercise the full surface area of the Web Audio API so they could test their work.

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