Boaz Sender explores new technology and research topic areas as Bocoup’s Director of Research. Boaz founded Bocoup in 2009 and operated the business for 7 years, during which time he developed the company’s open source IP model, and worked on open source strategies with companies like Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart, Disney, MassMutual, The World Economic Forum and Newsweek.

Prior to Bocoup, Boaz worked as a front-end developer for a dot-com where he built early client side web applications between 2006-2009. Boaz was a contributor to the jQuery, Backbone and Grunt projects, and helped start the jQuery foundation where he sat on the Board until it’s merger with the Dojo Foundation and relaunch as the JS Foundation.

Boaz studied Liberal Arts at Bennington College from 2003-2005. His CS education came from shadowing the jQuery team to write the jQuery API documentation, and then working along-side really brilliant programmers and designers for the last 10 years.