Good Bye Pete

Our good friend, and my longtime collaborator, Pete Karl, is leaving Bocoup.

Pete was employee number five at Bocoup and over the past two plus years we have learned so much from him. From his earliest days shipping KLOCs to clients, he immediately started molding Bocoup into a more efficient software company, eventually moving on to take over Bocoup’s operations as our first Managing Director.

Bocoup is a more stable and reliable company today because of Pete. We have grown and prospered in ways we never imagined or thought possible. Pete has strengthened our organization and permeated our culture with his pragmatism. Now Pete is leaving Bocoup better than he came to it.

Our team of engineers, directors and managers reflect Pete’s pragmatism, and software development sensibilities. Darius Kazemi, April Hart, Jory Burson and Cassie Irwin will continue to oversee growth and execution in our community development, operations, training and consulting businesses respectively.

Pete’s great accomplishments at Bocoup have equipped us to carry forward our mission into the years to come without him. While we are saddened by Pete’s departure, we are so excited for the future of Bocoup, and the future of Pete’s continued success.


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