Recent Work

We are excited to highlight examples of our recent work in standards and web applications. For a more in-depth understanding of our approach to projects, see our Services page.

Woman rising a sign that reads En la unión está la fuerza (Strentgh is within unity)

Eviction defense software for tenants in LA

Eviction Defense | Debt Collective

We partnered with the Debt Collective, Los Angeles Tenants Union, and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project on an eviction defense software for tenants in Los Angeles.

An illustration of a computer where a test is being performed

An app for manual testing of browsers and ATs rendering ARIA accessibility features.

ARIA-AT | Facebook Accessibility

We built an app to manage manual testing of ARIA accessibility patterns rendered in assistive technologies (like screen-readers) and browsers: ARIA-AT interoperability testing and ARIA-AT App

screenshot of the progress bars in test262 report

Maintaining and improving the Test262 suite

Test262 | Google

We spent some time maintaining and improving the Test262 suite, engaging with community pull requests, and developing documentation and summary reports.

MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment 2020 and an abstract illustration of a chart that resembles DNA

MDN Developer Needs Assessment

MDN DNA | Mozilla

We participated in the survey design for MDN Developer Needs Assessment, which included an increased focus on accessibility.

Illustration of six images where the three are loaded and the other three are loading

Researching and specifing the ideal behavior for lazy-loading

Lazy Loading | WHATWG

HTML gained a new lazy-loading attribute for the “img” element. We helped to research and specify the ideal behavior for lazy-loading images in HTML — based on analyzing the default behavior of popular JS libraries implementing lazy-loading as well as analyzing (through HTTP Archive) how web developers use those JS libraries. Web developers no longer need to use JavaScript libraries, as lazy-loading is built-in to the web platform.

Scratch logo and mascot

Strategic, operational, and organizational planning support for Scratch

Leadership and Strategy Support | Scratch

We continued our partnership with Scratch, the beginner-friendly programming language. In 2020, we focused on supporting Scratch through strategic, operational, and organizational planning support.

that reads Creative Imagination for An Ethical Web with the photos of Mindy Seu, Ashley Jane Lewis, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, and Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Developing an inclusive track for newcomers at TPAC

Inclusive TPAC track | p5.js, W3C

We were thrilled to partner with p5.js and W3C on developing an inclusive track for newcomers at W3C’s first virtual TPAC.

Venn diagram where one set is the Browser (W3C, WHATWG) with HTML, CSS, ARIA and the Window Object; the other set is Node.js (OpenJS) with the Node Global, and the overlap is JavaScript (ECMA 262, 402, 404).

A beginners guide to becoming a web platform contributor

Web Platform Contribution Guide | Bocoup

In an ongoing effort to demysticize the web standards process, we launched our Web Platform Contribution Guide, including skills, growth paths, how-tos, a glossary, and career origin interviews.

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