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We’ve been working quite a bit with d3.js here at Bocoup. From working on d3.chart to our work with clients like Climate Central. Regardless of our endeavor, one thing stayed true – we rely on the many examples out there showing off how to use various esoteric features of d3.js. Many of these examples live […]

One of my favorite things about programming in node is the package management system. In almost all instances, the practice of locally installing modules for each project has simplified my life as a developer. However, as a long time contributor to Grunt, I have become intimately familiar with one edge case where this practice breaks […]

Imagine you are working in your shell, you could be in any directory anywhere, but you want to go to ~/Projects/MyProject. You’re probably used to typing something like this: cd¬†~/Proj[tab]/MyPro[tab] Wouldn’t it be nice if you could end up in the exact folder you want with just: cd¬†MyProject The CDPATH environment variable Much like the […]

Roost, Bocoup’s first-ever JavaScript Training Conference, was born one year ago this month. Today, we’re excited to announce our second Roost Conference, to be held February 10-11, 2014 in San Diego. Roost is a two-day event for growing front-end web developers who want to learn more about building modern websites and applications from the JavaScript […]

Last week I translated Greg Smith’s Learn CSS Layout into Spanish in an effort to bring this amazing guide to more people around the world. When I was in college, Spanish-language resources for learning about new Web Design technologies were very limited. Not only was finding them difficult, but the resources were also frequently out […]

Learn CSS Layout is a new learning and reference site I made in my open source time here at Bocoup. Although there are lots of resources on the web for learning CSS layout techniques, we’ve had trouble finding ones we’re comfortable recommending. is an enlightening and accessible look at modern techniques for beginners, while […]

We’re so excited that our friends Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale from Tilde will be stopping by the Bocoup Loft to deliver Introduction to Ember training April 22-24. At Bocoup, we support a wide variety of Open Web technologies. We believe in the right tool for the job, so we’re actively exploring different MV* libraries […]

The Bocoup Loft is a fun and inspiring place to be. Between the technical debates and conversations amongst Bocoupers, regularly scheduled classes and meetups, and the occasional banana-themed event, 355 Congress St. is a very lively place! For the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with bringing that liveliness online via our Bocoup on Air […]

At Bocoup, we’ve long been advocates of bringing open source practices to new communities wherever we go. That’s why we’re excited to join OpenHatch and Harvard Women in CS at Harvard University this weekend to introduce the student community to the open source process. OpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors […]

I may as well come out and say it. In 2010, I leapt directly from Dreamweaver to vim as my primary editor. (I’ve been told that I may be the only person ever to have made this jump, but have no concrete evidence to substantiate this claim.) I had grown tired of Dreamweaver’s engorged appetite […]