Call for Writers: Game Programming & HTML5

We are excited to announce that Bocoup is curating a series of technical articles, demonstrations, guides, and tutorials that apply open web tech to game development. In the spirit of sites like ( and, we are looking for experienced JavaScript/HTML5 programmers to write about building games using open web technologies. The site will launch at this year’s Game Developers Conference (March 5th), and will be releasing articles throughout 2012.

What should I write about?

We’ll work with you to find an idea that fits your skill-set. We’re looking for both game developers who want to break into web tech, and web developers who want to learn more about game design.

How do I submit (and will I get paid)?

Yes, we’re paying authors for their work. Contact to secure a slot in our editorial calendar. In order to get your article up for GDC, final drafts must be in by February 22nd, 2012.

Where’s the web site?

It’s being designed by a crack team of typographers with a penchant for web design. Expect your work (code examples, breakouts, quotes, links, footnotes, etc.) to be laid out with grace & elegance unseen by the Internet. It’s going to look really good.

We have deadlines for writing throughout the year, so get in touch with Darius today (


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