Bocoup Gamelab

We are excited to announce the Bocoup Gamelab, a new partnership between Bocoup and Atlas Venture to fund new open web games companies.

At Bocoup, we feel that the success of HTML5 and the Open Web Platform hinges on crossing over to consumer technology. Our work on Popcorn.js has contributed to this end with consumer video, and this year, our focus has broadened to the games industry.

In addition to our open web technology work in other industries, this year we have implemented HTML5 games for our customers, retail HTML5 trainings for games developers, and we are hosting New Game, an HTML5 Game Conference, kicking off tomorrow. We have also started work on Abacus, an HTML5 Game Framework to create open programming standards for web games, and begun work on a new W3C Games Community Group.

We are excited to now be able to fund new open web games companies that will form the building blocks of an open web games industry; authoring tools, platform services, game discovery, content market places and actual games.

We have been working with Atlas for the past few months to identify and develop games industry opportunities, and we are pleased to announce that we have funded our first team; Mikeal Rogers, and Max Ogden, two great people who we are excited to have in the Bocoup family to work on identity management for games.


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