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Evoking Open Data Visualization through Visual Branding

The Bocoup design team established an original and evocative visual vocabulary and branding that appeal to a discerning audience of data visualization practitioners. The team designed a versatile logo, look-and-feel, creative swag, and interactive experiences to highlight the unique elements of each iteration of OpenVis Conf. Design has helped OpenVis Conf grow and evolve each year as a conference known for creative, thoughtful exploration of the frontiers of open data visualization.


OpenVis Conf is an annual conference organized by Bocoup's Data Visualization team. In its first year, the conference drew 180 attendees from all over the world, including top caliber speakers from the cutting edge of data visualization. In order to grow OpenVis Conf into an iconic data visualization brand and destination for practitioners of data visualization across industries, the Bocoup design team needed to execute a visual identity for OpenVis Conf that would capture the conference's theme and unique values.


OpenVis Conf needed a visual design that was unique and flexible so that it could evolve while maintaining the overall look and feel from year to year. Just as the appearance of a visualization is heavily influenced by the data it represents, OpenVis Conf's versatile, generative pink logo can change form depending on the context. From 2014 to 2015, the logo evolved to reflect the venue and overarching themes, and was incorporated into the web design and print materials. Attendees received unique swag products including socks, matte buttons, stickers, mugs, and t-shirts bearing iterations of the logo design. The team also created engaging experiences with interactive elements such as light projections of the logo as well as an innovative way to present the conference talks on the site.


Through the visual branding and design work, the Bocoup Design Team established an evocative and original visual vocabulary that appeals to a discerning audience of data visualization practitioners. The logo and creative branded experiences have helped OpenVis Conf grow its audience each year. Former attendees proudly wear their OpenVis Conf t-shirts because the designs are beautiful and stand on their own. The visual branding and strength of the content have created a conference experience that makes folks who miss it wish they hadn't.

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