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Bringing together Data Visualization Practitioners on the Open Web

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OpenVis Conf is an annual conference organized by Bocoup's Data Visualization team. Each year, the conference draws attendees from all over the world, including top-caliber speakers from the cutting edge of data visualization, to discuss best practices in data processing, storytelling, visual design, code structure, and implementation using the latest and greatest technology and tools on the Open Web.


Data Visualization has been evolving rapidly as a field owing to the incredible capabilities of today's modern browsers. As new and existing practitioners in the field started working on the web as their primary platform, a need arose to bring the community together around open tools and practices to help our community grow.


The Bocoup Data Visualization team has organized three iterations of OpenVis Conf so far, each time convening an outstanding line-up of practitioners sharing the latest tools and best practices in the field. Bocoup is responsible for managing an incredible program committee of volunteers who, with Bocoup's participation, curate the speaker line up. Additionally, Bocoup executes all conference logistics each year.


OpenVis Conf has brought together hundreds of practitioners from across the globe. The conference has served as a platform for launching new projects, designing new libraries, forging partnerships, and strengthening the ties between our community and the open web platform.

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