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Methods for doing distributed design

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Open Design Kit is a collection of remixable methods designed to support creativity and problem solving within the context of the distributed workplace.


If design is a social activity, how does it practically work when all of your collaborators are distributed throughout the city, country, or world?


Designers, project managers, and engineers at Bocoup collaborated on exploring the open workflow patterns that we use in our practice. This living kit is an openly compiled suite of learning materials, methods, and systems to help our staff, clients, colleagues, and community better understand how we design and when to roll up our collected sleeves and get in on the action.


Since the release of the kit, we’ve defined a vocabulary for what it means to design in the open, with practical methods designed specifically for distributed collaborators.

At Bocoup we believe that remote design, like any other distributed team endeavor, just takes a little bit of creativity. Got a remote team? You can do design remotely and you can do it well.

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