Moebio Framework

A JavaScript toolkit for performing data analysis and creating visualizations

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Santiago Ortiz and his team joined forces with Bocoup to release the Moebio Framework, a JavaScript toolkit for performing data analysis and creating canvas-based visualizations. This framework allows developers to easily work with various data types in the browser and offers a performant graphics API for creating interactive visualizations.


Santiago Ortiz and his team approached our Data Visualization team with an initial version of the Moebio Framework. They wanted to release it as an Open Source framework, but needed help on several fronts, such as performance, documentation, and general development practices, before sharing the Moebio Framework with the public.


Bocoup worked with Santiago and his team on:

  • Improving the code architecture and defining a public-facing API
  • Introducing modularity and refactoring the existing code base
  • Creating public-facing examples, tutorials, and documentation
  • Helping with all aspects of Open Source licensing


The Moebio Framework is currently in Beta! We'd love for you to try it out, and let us know what you think.

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