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The Bocoup dev ops team created a series of Ansible playbooks as an internal resource for deploying projects at Bocoup. The playbooks equipped Bocoup team members with a workflow for deploying projects easily. We are sharing this time-saving resource with the community audience to offer a good baseline for deployment.


Configuring servers, databases, services, and build processes is a critical piece of keeping production software online and iterating on it, but learning the nuances of this discipline takes a long time. That means this work can be especially challenging for teams who want to deploy projects, but lack the dev ops expertise to do so robustly and repeatably. Without understanding and automating these steps, however, the very act of shipping becomes an intimidating and risky endeavor not for the faint of heart.


In our work at Bocoup, we realized standardizing on a set of tools and workflows for deploying the types of applications we regularly develop could save us a lot of time while creating a shared vocabulary within the team. Over time, we created a collection of Ansible playbooks designed to simplify deploying a website or webapp using Vagrant, Ubuntu, and nginx, which we've compiled together in the Modern Web Deployment Workflow. It's ideal for getting a static site or node.js application built with modern JavaScript and CSS tools onto the web and into the hands of users. This resource offers a generalized baseline for development and deployment configurations between different projects, and serves as a jumping off point for more complex applications.


This resource we developed helped our team deploy our recent redesign of, sites for CSSConf, OpenVis Conf, Boston.js, and other community events, and countless internal tools. Having deployment and local development configuration as part of projects has made it easier to onboard new contributors, identify bugs before they get committed or, even worse, deployed. It has also made it possible for experienced front-end developers to get projects into production without delay.

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