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Bocoup worked with the jQuery Foundation to increase accessibility and ease of maintenance for the Foundation's projects and contributors. We helped the jQuery team design and implement key features of their deployment infrastructure.


In the world of open source, keeping code and documentation readily accessible becomes more complex as demand grows from tens per week to thousands per second. As the jQuery Foundation's projects and contributor base grew, they wanted to make collaborating on documentation and infrastructure just as easy as submitting code. With millions of users, developer communities, and organizations relying on the jQuery Foundation's libraries, the infrastructure team needed a streamlined process and set of tools for quick and easy maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery.


Bocoup team members have been instrumental in designing and implementing a number of key pieces of the jQuery Foundation's web infrastructure. This includes the jquery-wp-content WordPress and vagrant configuration powering all of the Foundation's websites, as well as the puppet scripts controlling the deployment of staging and production environments. 


In the (unfortunately not uncommon) event of denial of service attacks, the jQuery infrastructure team can spin up new servers in seconds rather than hours. A much broader group of contributors has been able to work on project documentation and website design as the content of all these sites is available on GitHub with contribution guidelines anyone can pick up and run with. By putting as much server configuration, documentation, and website design in the open as possible, more people than ever before can experiment with different facets of keeping an open source project running. 

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