Aggregating valuable d3.js example blocks for faster learning

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We collected thousands of D3.js examples and created a user-friendly interface for finding examples of specific API usage.


The d3.js community relies heavily on Blocks, visualization code examples stored in Github gists and delivered via the Bl.ocks interface. By default, blocks are not searchable, which makes it harder to find the examples one might need when trying to solve a specific challenge with d3.js.


The Data Visualization team built a tool that collects thousands of blocks from the community and aggregates them by d3.js API usage. By enabling fast searching via the API, users can quickly locate and learn about the examples they might need.


The Bl.ocksplorer tool is one of the core d3.js community tools and often speeds up learning for those who are new to D3.js. It has been used in classrooms and contributed to heavily by the D3.js community.

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