Welcome Chris Bosh

Over the past few days, a lot of you have probably heard the rumors that a particular member of the NBA was leaving to join Bocoup. Today, I’m happy to address – and confirm – those rumors and announce that Chris Bosh is the newest member of the Coop!

Chris has over 15 years of development experience and is a champion of coding education. One of the things we look for in all of our developers is elite shooting ability at both power forward and center, so Chris was a natural fit. He’s also active in the community through his Team Tomorrow organization, so we’re looking forward to having him involved in all three facets of Bocoup.

He loves cartoons, comics and producing original videos on his YouTube channel. Before coming to Bocoup, he worked with the Miami Heat (where he’s a two-time NBA champion) and the Toronto Raptors, and also won an Olympic gold medal.

We’re really excited that Chris has chosen to bring his talents to the Open Web. You can check out Chris’s blog and GitHub, and we encourage you to congratulate him on his new gig @chrisbosh. Also, if any other tech companies want to start a friendly, low-stakes, non-competitive basketball league, let us know!


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