Good-Bye Darius

Four years ago, when Darius first came by Bocoup for some help writing Akihabara Engine documentation, we were all instantly drawn to his excitement for games and the web. A year later, when I called Darius and invited him to work at Bocoup, he was just as thrilled to join the family as we were to have him.

I have learned so much from Darius over the past three years. His engineering brilliance, his creative genius, and his gravitas in our bullpen room have helped shape this company and touched each of us.

Over the past year, Darius has been tinkering with bots and it has been incredible to watch his art progress. We are all looking forward to seeing where he takes it next.

For his final project at Bocoup, Darius wrote a farewell letter generator bot, a genre that he says he has always wanted to automate. It took a couple refreshes, but we think it’s the perfect goodbye.


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