Good-bye Dan

My dear friend Dan Heberden has left Bocoup to join another former Bocouper at Bazaarvoice.

Dan and I met years ago through the jQuery community, and it has been an honor to build Bocoup along side him. I am excited to continue working with Dan as a member of Bocoup’s extended family and through the Open Source communities we are a part of.

While at Bocoup, Dan worked on jQuery, Bower, gith, FirfoxOS and many other Open Source projects we contribute to and use. After a year-and-a-half writing software in our consulting business and building’s infrastructure, Dan transitioned to the training team where he spearheaded Roost, and stewarded many other training classes for Bocoup.

We will all miss Dan’s spirit in the coop, but we know we’ll continue to work together for the years to come. The road ahead stretches out longer than the memories we’ve formed.

Be sure to follow @danheberden if you aren’t already, and check out the new stuff he is working on at @bazaarvoice.


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