Introducing Bocoup Screencasts

Many of us here at Bocoup spend a lot of our time helping others get better at JavaScript and working with open web technologies, from Adam Sontag working with folks to solve their problems in the #jquery IRC channel, to Ben Alman working out the perfect way to explain an IIFE, to Greg Smith guiding people through the ins and outs of CSS layout.

We’ve discovered along the way that there are a ton of bite-sized bits of knowledge that we end up sharing over and over again, and today we’re releasing the first of hopefully many screencasts that aim to capture those bits of knowledge in a short, digestible format, backed up by code to help you follow along. Our first three look at a few different ways you can tidy up your code:

We’ve got more in the pipeline, but in the meantime, enjoy and share these first few, and let us know what you’d like to see next! Want to know when we release more? Follow @bocouptraining for the latest, plus news about upcoming Bocoup trainings.


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