After three years of community development, Johnny-Five has its own home on the web – we’re thrilled to announce!

The new site combines content from the repo, the wiki, tutorials from the Bocoup blog and several third-party websites into a single, easily-discoverable source:

  • If you want to find the API documentation, that’s right here.
  • Need to figure out what platform to use for a project? We put that stuff here.
  • Need inspiration for your next NodeBot? Check out the examples.
  • Want to stay up-to-date with projects in the community? Check this out.
  • Need NodeBots community or Johnny-Five project updates and announcements? This is what you’re looking for.

Johnny-Five has grown from a passion project into a tool for inspiring learning and creativity for people of all ages, backgrounds, and from all across the world. We’re demonstrating our commitment to continuing this trend of inclusivity with high-quality, community-driven content at

One thing we’re especially excited about is the extensive collection of Fritzing diagrams you’ll find throughout the site.Diagram of how to connect a continuous servo to an Arduino microcontrollerA huge part of doing any Johnny-Five project is handling the actual hardware, and we’ve included these as part of the documentation because we realised that instructions on how to write code to control a servo are insufficient without instructions on how to connect a servo!

As always, Bocoup is committed to open source community development, so all of the website source material can be found in these three repos:

A general overview for contribution is available here.

We hope you find the new valuable for your NodeBots projects, whether you’re lighting your first LED or building a robot army. Together with your help, we’re looking forward to growing this resource in the coming weeks, months, and years!


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