Marie Staver

Technical Project Manager

Marie leads Project Management at Bocoup, working with our customers and consultants to establish healthy processes for project delivery. She coaches our staff in project management and execution, making continuous improvements to strengthen client work as well as internal support structures.

While earning her BA in Philosophy, Marie published in the peer reviewed Journal of Machine Consciousness on the implications of online education on knowledge. Her early career experience as a systems administrator and academic background critiquing technology set Marie up with the deep technical skills needed to lead engineering teams and the critical skills to support Bocoup's mission.

Marie’s breadth of experience in leadership and technical project management includes the development of large scale enterprise web application infrastructure, and product ownership at tech startups. She has worked in product and project management for several other organizations including large traditional enteprises, software companies, and startups.

Maries is also a hobby home brewer, so be sure to ask her about what's on tap.