Amal Hussein

Sr. Open Web Engineer

Amal is an Open Web Engineer at Bocoup, where she brings her background as a web application developer and passion for automated testing to bear on the browsers that she conformance tests as part of Bocoup’s web platform testing work.

After studying Biomedical Engineering at WPI, Amal went on to build complex web applications at a large educational software company, and then later as an independent consultant for clients. In her work, Amal has traversed back-end, front-end and infrastructure management, as well as client and project management.

Amal loves community and is co-host of the Web Platform Podcast and co-organizer of the Cambridge Google Developer Group.

She has a passion for test driven engineering, and is very excited about web components. If you'd like to stop by Bocoup and wait for them to be ready, Amal will keep you company.