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Overseeing the Development of WebRTC Tests

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We worked with WebRTC testers to increase testing consistency through weekly reviews.


The Google Messenger team had concerns about the thoroughness and correctness of compatibility tests for WebRTC in the Web Platform Tests project. They needed a way to audit the existing tests and oversee the development of new material.


We provided an initial audit and stayed on to provide timely feedback for each new group of tests submitted. We gave feedback on on correctness in terms of the evolving style guide for Web Platform Tests, as well as completeness in each area of the specification. In order to better communicate about completeness (and document overall progress), we maintained an annotated copy of the WebRTC specification. Our annotations were visual indications of test coverage status for every algorithm in the specification, updated in response to each new test that was accepted in the Web Platform Tests project.


We significantly expanded test coverage for WebRTC, which in turn promoted interoperability among web browsers. In the process, the contributor's work demonstrated marked improvement in terms of correctness, completeness, and quality of citations.

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