Web Platform Tests Integration with WebKit


Integrating Web Platform Tests with the WebKit project.

We developed a set of tools for importing and exporting test material from Web Platform Tests, and running the material in parallel within the WebKit build infrastructure.


The WebKit project maintainers had a manual process for importing Web Platform Tests into the WebKit project, which made it time consuming repetitive, and irregular. The community needed automation for the repetitive tasks and documentation to make the human side of syncing more repeatable.


We worked with stakeholders in the WebKit ecosystem to understand existing manual processes for importing and exporting conformance test material, and explored syncing strategies implemented by other open source browser engines. We used this research to create automation that fits into existing WebKit developer workflows, and preserves Web Platform Tests conventions. We also documented these workflows for future WebKit contributors to maintain this two directional flow of shared conformance test material.


As a result the WebKit project now regularly updates with new conformance test material from Web Platform Tests, runs that material in development and CI, and contributes patches back to the Web Platform Tests project. Web Platform Tests is an important place for test case sharing between browser implementations, so this not only has a meaningful impact on WebKit's specification conformance, but also on more direct platform interoperability.

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