Tessel 2

Tessel 2 is an open source micro-controller with first-class support for node.js.

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Bocoup collaborated with the Tessel Foundation, providing technical and community leadership resources toward their efforts to ship an affordable and powerful development platform. We introduced the testing workflow, and initial test suite, implemented a standard grunt-centric tasking environment and setup continuous integration of tests for all projects.


As the Tessel team designed the successor to their first open source development platform, they sought to repeat its high-quality developer experience, while also improving the capabilities of the underlying platform itself to broaden the appeal for both hobbyists and professional engineers. Tessel 1 users loved the easy-up experience of being able to send JavaScript code directly to the device, but needed more Node.js ecosystem inclusivity. Inspired by the burgeoning community creating web-connected devices with Johnny-Five, the Tessel team wanted to cultivate this same spirit around Tessel 2.

Bocoup partnered with the Tessel Foundation to provide technical and community leadership to deliver the Tessel Project's vision for the Tessel 2. We worked with them to establish vital infrastructure for the project, including authoring tests for the CLI and firmware, setting up continuous integration with Travis, and automating code maintenance and task management with Grunt.

An important aspect of maker culture is making it easy for people to share, teach, learn, and help out. Recognizing this, together we identified problem points in the contribution workflow, which were used to establish and enforce concrete semantics for the framework. When it comes to understanding open hardware, documentation that's both visual and descriptive is crucial, so we made sure to design and share a Fritzing component for the Tessel 2 months before its public release.

The Tessel 2 gives students, tinkerers, web developers, and companies access to a low-cost, scalable and embeddable development platform that allows them to develop hardware quickly and expressively in JavaScript. With USB, WiFi, Ethernet, plenty of RAM, and the extensibility to add all sorts of sensors, actuators, and other components, the device's possibilities are limitless. Through our partnership, Bocoup continues to work together with the Tessel Foundation to craft creative ways to grow the community and close the gap between development, production, and distribution of IoT products and robotics projects. Bocoup continues to serve as a resource with Rick Waldron participating as a member of the Tessel Steering Committee.

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