Working with Facebook to develop the mobile web acid test suite.

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We worked with open source and standards engineers at Facebook between 2012 and 2013 to develop Ringmark, a mobile web acid test suite to demonstrate what features facebook.com needed in order to work properly on the mobile web.


In 2013 it was unclear to device manufacturers what APIs were needed to create a rich mobile web experience. Device manufacturers were customizing browsers to ship with their phone, but with out a clear understanding of what major web properties needed from the mobile web, and with no tools to catch regressions against this feature set.


Tobie Langel and engineers from Facebook identified a set of core mobile features needed to run the product. Tobie worked to build consensus a the core set of features through a community group at the W3C. We set out to write thorough and in depth tests for each feature. The mobile web is improving, and ringmark is still not gream, but a great deal of progress was made with rng.io as a north star.


Today numerous device manufacturers run the Ringmark acid test before shipping a new phone, and facebook.com ships a rich mobile web experience.

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