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Making Health Data Actionable

Bocoup helped JSI design, develop, and deploy a WordPress-powered dashboard for visualizing public health data and metrics. The dashboard helps Title X grantees keep track of progress across a core set of metrics while keeping data anonymized, relevant, and easily accessible on a wide array of mobile and web devices.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs, tasked JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) with creating a tool for measuring the impact of family planning and related preventative health services provided under Title X. With a spreadsheet of metrics and a wealth of data, JSI turned to Bocoup to design, develop, and deploy a dashboard service providers can use to manage their progress over year to year, in comparison to other grantees, and in relationship to current public health data.


Bocoup worked with the JSI team to implement a functional and appealing interface for navigating this public health data. In the design phase of the project, we worked on everything from identifying the most effective visualization paradigms to wireframing and UX for all of the pages in the dashboard. As we moved into development, we created a custom WordPress dashboard that allows the JSI team to update health records easily and completed all the front-end development to execute the dashboard as a single-page JavaScript application. When it came time to launch, we coached the JSI team on hosting and deploying the application with tools that allow them to truly own and iterate on the project once our time on it had completed.


As a result of our collaboration with JSI, family planning providers around the country have a fast and powerful tool that works on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers. Title X grantors and grantees can share anonymized information about the performance of different family planning and preventative health methods. When new federal public health records are released, updating the database that powers the dashboard is a simple process for the JSI team.

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