An industry-standard tool for automatically detecting bugs in JavaScript code, designed to give the user as much control as possible.

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We have participated in the development of JSHint since its inception, and in 2014, we became its lead maintainers. This has involved fixing bugs, implementing new features, authoring blog posts on our progress, and supporting contributors through documentation and code review.


JSHint is used by developers writing JavaScript across many platforms. From the web and Node.js to CouchDB and embedded systems, the so-called "linting" tool has helped programmers avoid bugs and learn new best practices. The tool continues to enjoy heavy use to this day, and we remain committed to keeping it up to date with support for the newest features in the language, encoding the lessons learned as new configurable rules. Because it is a JavaScript parser, maintaining the project also informs our perspective in the standards process--both in advancing new language features and in testing the specification through Test262.

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