A library designed for making web application frameworks that gained popularity just as client-side applications were maturing beyond what could be achieved within single source files.

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We participated in the development of Backbone.js as project maintainers, promoted best practices through tooling like BackBone Boilerplate, designed the project's logo, and organized BackboneConf (a conference dedicated to the tool and associated technologies).


As one of the most successful JavaScript application development toolkits of its time, Backbone.js was instrumental to the growth of the web platform. It encouraged a new generation of developers to think more critically about the structure of their applications, and how their work could scale beyond single files and single maintainers. We recognized the framework's potential shortly after its initial release, and we evangelized its use through our blog, our consulting practice, and our training offerings. Over the years, we promoted exploration through BackboneConf, ultimately helping developers recognize the relevance of the tool as web applications continued to grow in size and complexity.

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