Welcome Z Goddard

After several years of coworking with us at the Bocoup Loft, I’m excited to announce that Michael “Z” Goddard has stayed with us through our move to the North End and has made a move of his own – onto the engineering team here at Bocoup!

Z has been working as a game developer – on the web and lot of other environments – and comes to us from Gradient Studios. He’s the author of Diskette, a library for packaging and streaming game assets, and has been spending a lot of time working on maintaining a number of grunt-contrib tasks as well.

His kilt collection is unparalleled and his hobbies include gaming, drawing, writing, and having British people think of him as “Zed.”

We’re really pumped to have the oppportunity to work with him to build on the Open Web. In fact, Z’s also helping to curate Build New Games, so if you want to work with him too, check out his GitHub and Twitter.


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